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homelab-flux-ngrok-example (2023-07-27) Link to heading

Sample repository of a GitOps-managed K3s kubernetes cluster that exposes services with the ngrok ingress controller. Built with Shell.

kube-ingress-dashboard (2023-07-06) Link to heading

A minimal dashboard to check Ingress objects existing in a cluster. Built with Go.

aws-aurora-vs-rds-performance-benchmark (2023-06-17) Link to heading

Terraform code to bring up test instances of RDS PostgreSQL and Aurora PostgreSQL for performance becnhmarking. Built with HCL.

aws-app-runner-scale-test (2023-05-30) Link to heading

Test AWS App Runner scaling response and timing with a simple test app and K6 loadtest. Built with Jupyter Notebook.

go-sarif-to-markdown-table (2023-05-10) Link to heading

Converts SARIF input to Markdown. Built with Go.

dotfiles (2023-04-22) Link to heading

Setup scripts to get some important tools installed. Built with Shell.

gh-actions-log-search (2023-02-18) Link to heading

Rough script to search for a particular term among GitHub Actions logs from multiple repositories. Built with Python.

gh-environment-manager (2023-02-07) Link to heading

PyPI version Pytest coverage Maintainability Rating Reliability Rating Python

A CLI tool to update GitHub Actions secrets and variables from a YAML file. Built with Python.

garmin-explorer-watch-face (2022-12-21) Link to heading

downloads rating

Explorer-style watch face for Fenix 6 Sapphire and others. Built with Monkey C.

Antvirf (2022-10-06) Link to heading

Public profile README.

garmin-watch-face-guide (2022-10-06) Link to heading

downloads rating

Repo for the Matter Metrics watch face created for a guide post. Built with Monkey C.

k8s-oauth-proxy-example (2022-10-03) Link to heading

Repo with basic configuration for K8S OAuth2 Proxy for use with NGINX Ingress.

webhook-forwarder-go (2022-09-24) Link to heading

Quality Gate Status CodeQL

Go/Gin based Github webhook forwarder with sender IP and signature checking. Built with Go.

az-104-notes (2022-09-04) Link to heading

MS Learning-path based notes for AZ-104 administrator.

webhook-forwarder-python (2022-08-07) Link to heading

Quality Gate Status CodeQL Vulnerabilities Pytests Pytest coverage CircleCI Python Versions

FastAPI based Github webhook forwarder with sender IP and signature checking. Built with Python. (2022-07-31) Link to heading

Quality Gate Status Deploy Hugo site to Pages

Personal GitHub Pages site. Built with SCSS.

work-dock (2022-03-05) Link to heading

Simple util to add/remove work applications from macOS dock. Built with Python.

budgeter (2022-02-19) Link to heading

“Smart” expense tracking tool that assigns spending to defined categories. Built with Python.

spectrefenix (2022-01-20) Link to heading

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Spectre-Speedmaster style watchface for Fenix 6 Sapphire. Built with Monkey C.

steam-played-hours (2017-03-20) Link to heading

Python script to create collect data about a user’s Steam games’ played hours. Built with Python.